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Sublimation Printing Applications: · It can be used in various sublimation printings such as mug printing, mobile cover printing, keychain printing, T-shirt printing, coaster printing, tile printing etc. · With the use of this tape, the paper will remain intact to the objects (mug, mobile cover, keychsin, etc) which will save your product from mishaps. Also, it does not leave any marks after it is removed. · So, we can have best quality printed items using this tape which makes the printing process hassle free. Electrical Applications: · It has High Insulation, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali-resistance, Low Electrolysis, mechanically sound, cracking resistance, Tear-Resistance. Due this, the tape is usually used in electronic manufacturing as an insulation and protection layer on electrostatic sensitive and fragile components. · It is ideal for protecting sensitive printed circuit board (PCB) components such as gold leads and gold fingers during the process of wave soldering and many other electrical applications. If you have any query, please post it in the "Have a question?" box.